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Katie Melua 'Perfect World' by Karni & Saul

Some may consider the following information as a series of warning signs. This is an animated video for Katie Melua for a song called Perfect World, with characters that appear they are made of sugar. If that sounds just too icky and yucky for your liking, you also need to know that this was directed by the hugely experienced BAFTA-nominated directing team Karni & Saul.

Bonobo 'Kerala' by BISON

Bonobo soundtracks The Rapture in this head-spinning, hyper-detailed video by Dave Bullivant, aka BISON.

With erratic, repetitive cuts showing a panicked woman, played by Gemma Arterton, running through London during what appears to be The Ascension, you could be forgiven for thinking that the video starts and ends with this clever editing concept. You would, however, be very wrong.

Stylo G x Jacob Plant 'Bike Engine' by Keith Schofield

Keith Schofield brings his postmodern weirdness to the fore in this bizarre, multi-layered video for Stylo G & Jacob Plant.

Playing on his own previous works in which sex and VFX intertwine in some hideously brilliant ways, Schofield brings us a video within a video within a video here that breaks the fourth, fifth, and sixth wall, and gets funnier with each development.

Ralf Hildenbeutel 'Disco' by Boris Seewald

If you've not seen this before - and its been out for a few months - then you really should. It's a beautiful example of rotoscoping, with footage of two dancers, Althea Corlett and Simone Schmidt, transformed into of approximately 1250 paintings on paper.

Jamie xx 'Gosh' by Romain Gavras

Romain Gavras makes a mindblowing return to music videos for Jamie xx, in what appears to be a dystopian, ruined version of Paris, with the climax occurring under the rusting hulk of the Eiffel Tower. 

  • UK Music Video Awards 2017 (MPU)

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