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Meilyr Jones 'How To Recognise A Work Of Art' by Wils Wilson

Meilyr Jones, former frontman of Race Horses, is releasing his first solo album shortly, and How To Recognise A Work Of Art is a characterically kooky but charming offering from that record - and now has a music video to match, a one-shot wonder directed by National Theatre director Wils Wilson, and shot by Ryan Owen Eddleston. 

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Young Juvenile Youth 'Animation' by Kosai Sekine

Director Kosai Sekine has helmed this pristinely surreal video for electronic duo Young Juvenile Youth's track Animation, which sees the lead singer Yuki's head become deconstructed, sliced, shuffled and put back together again in a flurry of spellbinding effects.

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The Jezabels 'Come Alive' by Darcy Prendergast & Xin Li

Here's a remarkable achievement by Darcy Prendergast and Xin Li at Melbourne-based Oh Yeah Wow. The video for The Jezabels' Come Alive is the animated story of a woman being chased by a horde of torch-bearing men, and facing a terrible fate - created in oil paint on glass, and animated frame by frame.

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Ogris Debris 'See The World' by LWZ

Vienna-based animation and design studio LWZ have created some stellar visuals to the pulsating beat of Ogris Debris's See The World.

The video sees a long animated sequence with a touch of 1920s and 30s graphic design aesthetics, featuring selfie sticks, CCTV, global warming, and many other hot topics of our modern times.

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