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Girli 'Girls Get Angry Too' by Youth Hymns

London-based singer and rapper Girli gets repackaged as various dolls in Youth Hymns' video for her track Girls Get Angry Too. It's an in-your-face promo which sees Girli confronting the viewer on feminist issues, and calling out roles imposes on women by fighting against the boxes she's put in. 

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Roosevelt 'Colours' & 'Moving On' by Elliott Arndt

Elliott Arndt has directed this double music video for German musician Roosevelt's track Colours, which segways into Moving On.

The video stages a solemn ritual in a blacked out studio where people engage their five senses - with blue liquid, sliced watermelon, an orange blindforld and velvety red cloth. Then, they walk out for Moving On, each going their own way.

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Skepta 'The Man' by Skepta

Compelling, gritty, and a bit terrifying, Skepta puts his stamp all over his manor in his self-directed video for The Man - from the forthcoming album Konnichiwa - shot home video-style, and graded by Jason Wallis at Electric Theatre Collective.

It's certainly Grim Up North East London...


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Jack Garratt 'Surprise Yourself' by Tom Clarkson

Tom Clarkson has followed up his excellent casting call clip for Jack Garratt's Worry with this latest video for the Brit-winning multi-instrumentalist, which documents the efforts of several ordinary individuals as they confront to their greatest fears and phobias - all with a camera attached via a body rig, to capture their experiences in detail. 

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