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Twin Atlantic 'The Chaser' by Oscar Sansom

Director Oscar Sansom takes the Peep Show approach – with added VFX – for his video for Twin Atlantic's anthemic The Chaser. It's a frenetic, multi-perspective POV video set around a single hedonistic evening in a neon-saturated nightclub. And it was shot in the same club in Glasgow that the band played their first show.


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Oh Wonder 'All We Do' by Mike Lee Thomas

Mike Lee Thomas has produced and directed this powerful internet campaign around the question "What Does It Mean To Be Human?" in collaboration with London-based alt-pop duo Oh Wonder. Snippets of footage from around the world sees everyday people sharing their perspective, attempting to answer the momentous question. The result is a beautiful, uplifting and ambitious music video for the track

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UK Music Video Awards 2016: here we go...

So, at last - it's showtime!

The UK Music Video Awards 2016 takes place at legendary music venue The Roundhouse in London tonight (October 20th), where a packed house will celebrate the past year's achievements in music videos.

More than 30 awards will be handed out in a show presented by comedian, music video expert and regular UKMVAs host Adam Buxton.

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Thomas Jack ft. Jasmine Thompson 'Rise Up' by Kristian Young

Kristian Young uses animation and live action to combine two worlds in this light, carefree clip that gives us one final grasp at summer.

The performance video follows Jasmine Thompson through the lesser-known side of Ibiza, taking in some incredible scenery and dancing around as illustrated parts of her world chop and change with the beat.

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The Furrow Collective 'Wild Hog In The Woods' by Chris Cornwell

Chris Cornwell's incredible animation for 'Wild Hog In The Woods' throws a lot of classic animation into a melting pot with some psychedelics and comes up great.

Following a creature as he's hunted through the wilderness, the world around it melts and blends in increasingly inventive ways as he sinks deeper into the story. Helpfully narrated by a band of anthropomorphized animals.

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