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Homespun Yarns 2016 - four finalists and new venue announced

Homespun has announced the four finalists for their third annual film competition for new and up-and-coming filmmaking talent, Homespun Yarns. Lee Thomas, Thomas Ralph, Thomas James and Jonathan Augustavo are the finalists vying for this year's prize - which includes tickets to this year's UK Music Video Awards in October.

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Billie Marten 'Lionhearted' by Allie Avital

Billie Marten's very delicate Lionhearted gets a counterintuitive, even ironic treatment by Allie Avital. As the slow-moving camera making its way towards Billie, the contents of the room around her are being removed by boilersuited girls. But what initially appears to be appropriately poignant, is just a prelude to something far more destructive.

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Offaiah 'Trouble' by Daniel Brown

With a touch of fantasy and mysticism, Daniel Brown's video for Offaiah's track Trouble sees a cat-and-mouse chase between a police officer and a convict that attempts to make her escape through a Louisiana bayou. Meeting a horned helper that frees the woman from her handcuffs, the woman meets many more stange and wonderful things along the way... 

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Director Emmanuel Adjei has signed to COMPULSORY

COMPULSORY have signed director Emmanuel Adjei for representation in music videos, commercials and film.

Exec Producer Chris Toumazou had this to say about the signing: "It's a pleasure to have Emmanuel join the roster at COMPULSORY. In a short space of time he has already created a unique body of work that we will encourage not only through music video but a variety of formats."

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Neon Indian 'Annie' by Alan Palomo

Neon Indian's frontman directs and stars in this VHS mystery.

It feels like a VHS tape that's been taped and taped over so many times that the shows on it start blending into one, forcing you to create your own weird narrative. The titular Annie is missing, Palomo is on the search but he's also number 1 suspect. Then there's the performance elements and glorious subtitles.

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