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Nez signs to Pulse Films in the UK

Nez, the director of acclaimed and award-winning music videos for Disclosure, Rudimental, Kid Cudi and many others, has signed to Pulse Films for commercial and music video representation in the UK.

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Jennifer Lopez 'Aint Your Mama' by Cameron Duddy

Jennifer Lopez sticks it to The Man - and in passing, the patriarchy - in her uproarious 50's throwback video for Ain't Your Mama, directed by Cameron Duddy.

Employing second-wave feminist movement character tropes, the singer plays the newsanchor, the housewife, the secretary and an industrial line worker -  each of them fierce, each of them Mad as Hell.

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Yeasayer 'Silly Me' by Mike Anderson/New Media Limited

Mike Anderson at New Media Limited has delivered an incredible prequel to his Yeasayer video for I Am Chemistry, completed a few months back. And the clip for Silly Me follows a very similar aesthetic - a strange universe of body horror and grotesque humanoid figures. The time around, however, things feel even darker.

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