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Big Baby D.R.A.M. 'Cash Machine' by Lacey Duke

Lacey Duke puts a bright 'n breezy spin on some of hip hop's abiding staples. There's partying, women dancing, and cash money flying about. But this is also the world of Big Baby D.R.A.M., a perma-grinning rapper in a pink tracksuit, featuring fluttering accent animations and little girls selling homemade lemonade. 

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The Japanese House 'Face Like Thunder' by Gareth Phillips

Gareth Phillips and The Japanese House head to Tenerife for this gorgeous, golden video.

Using the incredible island landscapes from ground level combined with glorious, sweeping drone shots, Phillips highlights a distance between the onscreen duo. A great combination of incredible locations and great natural lighting really help to highlight the bittersweet feelings of the track.

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Maroon 5 'Don't Wanna Know' by David Dobkin

Maroon 5 are having a miserable time being famous in this star-studded clip. Featuring cameos from Ed Helms, Sarah Silverman and Vince Vaughn, David Dobkin's light-hearted and colourful video sees Maroon 5 (although mostly Adam Levine) struggle to cope with life as objects of people's adoration.

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