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ScHoolBoy Q 'JoHn Muir' by APLUS

APLUS - the filmmaking arm of Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg Entertainment – give us a drive-by view of the cyclical nature of street crime in America in this brilliant clip for ScHoolBoy Q. Opening with a poignant quote from Punch and a very quick flash-forward, we follow the story of a car over a 24 hour period, and the two young men who use the vehicle for various criminal activities.

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The Avener ft. Adam Cohen 'We Go Home' by Julien Hosmalin

Three teenagers brush with death, and then embark on a road trip that becomes develops a love triangle that will inevitably tear them apart, in Julien Hosmalin's absorbing video for The Avener's We Go Home, shot in sun-blasted California.

Eventually this delivers the poignant truth that nice boys usually finish second – and last – in these situations.

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